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Vehicle trouble? We can help!

Carcrew is a branded network of standardized workshops which provides affordable, transparent and convenient on-demand car and bike services at your home or your office. With expert mechanics, state-of-the-art machinery, top quality spares, standardized processes & pricing, Carcrew provides a uniform service experience to all its customers, across its workshops. Everything under one-roof : servicing, repairs, inspections, denting/painting, roadside assistance and car care. You receive instant response with approved estimates for any service you select for your vehicle. Post the booking, we not only provide you a booking tracker to track live status updates for your bookings but also enable you to save up to 45-50% on your vehicle maintenance (as compared to authorized centres and franchise workshops). In short, we save you time, money and stress!

Here is how you can get your vehicle fixed, by just following simple steps :

  1. Select your Vehicle

    All we need to know is what kind of vehicle you have, it’s make and model so we know what vehicle we have to take care of. Simply click on “Get an estimate” button after selecting your vehicle.

  2. Tell us what you need

    Select the service(s) you need for your vehicle. If you are not sure what is wrong with your car, you can simply select “Other Diagnosis” in the “Repair” section. You can also call us at +91-70459-96415 or chat with one of our auto experts.

  3. Receive an instant quote

    We will provide you an upfront estimate and show you an exact breakdown of costs associated with the selected service(s).

  4. Tell us the date, time and place

    We need to know when and from where would you want the service at. For bikes, mostly services are provided at your doorstep. For cars, we will arrange a free* pick-up & drop from either your home or your office (We don’t want you stepping out in cold winters or hot summers while you can get your car fixed at the comfort of your chair). You choose the date, time and place. You’re the boss!

  5. Confirm your booking

    After filling in your name, address, email ID and other personal details, you will receive a call from a Carcrew representative, assigned specially for you.

  6. Have a memorable experience

    On the day of your appointment, our service engineer will come at your chosen location at the precise time-slot that you requested. After an initial inspection, the vehicle will be either fixed at your doorstep or taken to the Carcrew workshop. Feel free to ask the service engineer any questions that you may have! They would be more than happy to help you!Once the vehicle arrives at the workshop, an estimate will be shared with you. Only on YOUR approval, we will get the work done. Like we said, you’re the boss!

  7. Pay and tell us about your experience

    Once all the work has been completed, you will receive a neat invoice in your inbox. You can pay through multiple payment options available. The vehicle will be dispatched post this and a feedback call will be generated from our side through which you can rate your experience. This helps us maintain the highest quality standards possible and enables us to make our customers happier.

  • Note -
  • If you pay or communicate with any Carcrew mechanic directly, then Carcrew shall not be held responsible as the job performed by the mechanic will not be authorized by Carcrew and will not be done under Carcrew supervision.

    Also, if you order a certain part yourself and Carcrew did not perform any diagnostic, then the warranty shall not be applicable for the same. (e.g - If you ordered a spark plug because your car was not starting and if the car does not start after the replacement of the spark plug, then the warranty doesn’t cover “car not starting” event.

    If a Carcrew mechanic performs a service but after this, some other mechanic/workshop (outside Carcrew) is hired to inspect or perform any job to the vehicle, in that case, the warranty shall be voided. In case you report the problem directly to Carcrew, then the problem shall be fixed at no additional cost (subject to certain conditions)


Our team is availaible 7 days a week, from 9:30AM to 8:30PM.
+91-70459-96415 | sales@carcrew.in